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Social Media Marketing: DIY or Paid Professionals?

Do it yourself, or pay a professional? The question comes up every day for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs. For most people, most of the time, the answer is relatively straightforward. Unless you have expertise in the task that needs to be accomplished, it’s better to pay a professional. But when it comes to social media marketing, the answer can be less straightforward.…

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Social Media Account Management

Since I began including Twitter integration into the blogs I build for my blogging clients, I’ve been asked about including other social media account management services too. I include Twitter in blog packages because Twitter is essentially “just another blog” platform. It may be limited to 140 characters, but it is still a blog. Social Media Marketing on the other…

Real estate is a great topic for a blog

Real Estate Blogging, for Agent’s Eyes Only

Very few independent professionals put more time, effort, and money into marketing than the average real estate agent does. And, nearly every agent enjoys considerable support for their marketing from the brokerage firm that employs them. The Real Estate Brokerage Blog Part of the marketing support that is provided by brokerages to their agents always includes some web presence. At…

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7 Reasons to use my Secret Marketing Trick

Click bait listicles might be annoying, they might be huge time wasters, they might even make us angry—sometimes at ourselves. But love them or hate them, they are a secret that is here to stay. The thing is, headlines using lists, or offering secrets revealed, take advantage of human nature. We can’t help noticing them, and we cannot help ourselves from being curious. The…

Many different kinds of spam

You Should Care About Link Spam

What is Link Spam? Link spam is defined as links between pages that are present for reasons other than merit. Link spam takes advantage of link-based ranking algorithms, which gives websites higher rankings the more other highly ranked websites link to it. ~ Wikipedia Everyone wants their web pages to rank highly in search engines. An entire industry (SEO) has grown specifically around optimizing web pages to rank higher in…

What is Inbound Marketing? What is Content Marketing?

Inbound marketing. Content Marketing. Everybody’s doing it, right? But what exactly is it that they’re doing? These terms are everywhere we look now. But what do they mean? Are they the same thing? Inbound marketing and content marketing are not the same thing, even though the terms are often used interchangeably. Oddly enough though, even though they are not the…

Twitter Tips

This article focuses on “micro-blogging”, specifically the 140 character limited, microblog platform, Twitter. Most of what I write in this blog has to do with what I’ll call “Blog Blogging”—that is, writing about posting articles on a traditional blog, like those that I build for my clients. Following, are some of my favorite Twitter tips for maximizing your microblogging impact.…